Burnt Chocolate (Fumed Collection)

A medium to dark smoked Oak with the depths of chocolate colours in a wax sheen finish.

Quote reference: FU9902 / FU9702


Available in:


16/4 x 220 x 2200mm OR 2400mm

Select Nature 

21/6 x 180 / 220 x 2200mm OR 2400mm
16/4 x 160 / 180 / 220 x 2200mm OR 2400mm

B/C Rustic

21/6 x  180 / 220 x 2200mm OR 2400mm

Please note each pack has up to 25-40% nested boards depending on grade.

Type of Finish:  Matt Wax Oil OR Wax Gloss

Category:  Wood Flooring and Fumed 


Satin Waxoil A 25% gloss level ideal for giving life to darker floors. The wax gloss is a mixture of natural oils and wax, and is easier to maintain unlike a traditional waxed floor.