Good to know…

Choosing the right design, surface finish and making a responsible choice.

99% of our sales are European Oak due to its versatility.  It can be made light to dark, clean grains to extra rustic, cracked Oaks and more.  All our Oaks have been harvested by our partners, certificated by FSC or PEFC and our resourcing systems have been approved by EUTR.

We try to make it simple with our collection and focus on themes that everybody understands.

Finding inspiration easy…

Our designs complement the era from the Vintage period to contemporary, light and clean colours using cleaner grades for modern designs or straight down the middle for just a beautiful, traditional wooden floor.

Practicality meets super designs…

This can be missed sometimes and it is important for us to not just make a beautiful creation, but one which is going to work in that environment! If we are creating light Skaendi colours, then we must use the hardest natural lacquers, keeping the natural feel with a hardwearing surface without compromise.

When it comes to Vintage designs, we machine tumble and hand cut our Oak. We use an “air dried” hardwax oil which captures the authentic feel.

Underfloor heating and moisture changes

Do’s and Don’ts

Underfloor hearing (UFH) with wooden floors gives a gentle even heat and works well in combination with a secondary heat source. 27°C is the maximum temperature for the sub-floor heating directly touching the wood and a sensor needs to be in place to protect your floor.

Seasonal movement with wood is called ‘hygroscopic’, which means it will react to moisture. You will find the wood will grow to a degree in summer as doors and windows are open and more moisture comes into the property. In the winter there in less moisture in the air and the wood loses moisture.

Find an installer who knows about thermostats, “floor and air” they’re two different sensors not to be confused.

Ask us for our full installation specification.  We are always keen to advise.