Olde English (Vintage Collection)

An old black oak with a rounded bevel on the long sides.

Quote reference: VT9023BC


Available in:

(T) 21/6mm x (W) 180 / 220mm (L) 2200-2400mm 

Up to 25% nested

(T) 16/4mm x (W) 180 / 220mm x (L) 2200-2400mm

Up to 25% nested

Herringbone blocks 16/4mm x 130mm x 500mm


Type of finish:   Natural Matt Wax Oil

Category: Wood Flooring and Vintage 


natural_matt Made with a blend of natural oils and waxes offering exceptional durability and resistance for areas subjected to a high degree of wear. When applied to bare wood, it gives a yellow tone to the oak.