Timbermate Silver

This acoustic underlay, integrating a Damp Proof Membrane, is the perfect underlay solution for our wooden floors. Timbermate Excel Silver Underlay gives a quieter life by muting transmitted impact noise, and by installing this product you will gain up to 23dB reduction on transmitted impact noise (SONE 56).

The original “all in one” rubber Excel Underlay is suitable for concrete sub-floors in both domestic and contract installations. An ideal sub-floor, it evens out minor undulations and is easy to install.

Available in 10 m2 or 15 m2 rolls

As well as the above the rubber underlay is odourless, chemically inert and resistant to chemicals, pressure and impact absorbent.

Built in Hydravoil vapour barrier, Excel Underlay will protect against moisture (not exceeding 75% RH) when used in conjunction with Vapourstop Tape. Not suitable for installation over wood-block or parquet subfloors.

Category: Accessories and Underlays