Timber Care


Timber Care – A Guide & Advice



  • Use an entrance matting as a barrier from outside to inside.

  • Grit and dirt acts like sand paper, remove shoes for longer periods of maintenance-free time.

  • Sweep or use a dust mop, but do not use a household dust treatment or washing up liquid, as this may

    cause your floors to become slick or make the finish dull.

  • Vacuum your floor regularly – as often as you would vacuum carpets using the appropriate head for your vacuum cleaner.

  • Stiletto shoes will cause indentations on your wood floor.

  • Use a minimal amount of water when mopping; excessive water can cause deterioration of the wood & surface finish.

  • Buy a “floor care kit” which is recommended for your choice of finishes.

  • Never let water spills dry on the floor – mop up as soon as spillage has occurred.

  • Control humidity levels with a dehumidifier or humidifier. you may need to add portable units in some rooms. A wooden floor should be in an atmosphere of 35 60RH.

  • Have your floors re-coated, as and when the finish shows signs of wear.

  • Only clean your floor when necessary, over-cleaning can cause increased wear to the finish.